Entrepreneurial Services

Working Spaces

1. Haidian Pioneer Park Service Center of Zhonguancun Science and Technology Park

Adhering to the guiding philosophy of “being beyond, featured, integrated,” according to the strategy requirements of integrating medical science and technology and industrial resources and building a first-class international modern high-tech medical park, Haidian Pioneer Park Service Center of Zhonguancun Science and Technology Park has been committed to create modern pharmaceutical industrial park with compatibility and ntegration of biological medicine, traditional Chinese medicine and chemical synthesis medicine. The Park focuses on introducing leading pharmaceutical enterprises and expanding domestic and foreign markets for the park's pharmaceutical products with the advantage of scientific and technological innovation. At present, the park has attracted the investment of enterprises from many regions. With internal industrial chain taking shape, the framework for large-scale development and construction in the park has been built. With the core goal of building a pharmaceutical production cluster driven by high and new technology, the park provides multi-directional policy support such as raw materials, finance and taxation, land acquisition, production and technical services.

Address: No. 26 Xinxi Road, Shangdi, Haidian District, Beijing

Website: http://www.ospp.com

Telephone: 82898799, 82898748

2. Z-Innoway

Located in the heart of Zhongguancun, the area with the most intensive innovation and entrepreneurship resources in China, Innoway was not only the first special street themed with innovation and entrepreneur ship that was jointly established by Beijing and Haidian government, but also the first ecological block with high-end innovation and entre preneurship elements on a large scale in China. With respect to global innovation, Innoway has established and operated a global innovation community, so as to comprehensively create an innovative development community for young international talents, set up the innovation center of large enterprises and Zhongguancun international youth entrepre neurship platform, thus facilitating innovative cooperation between China and the international community and helping the development of international talents in China.

Address: Floor 6, Building 6, No. 48 Haidian West Street


Telephone: 62563080

3. Innoplanet: Global Innovation Community

The single building covers a total area of 6,565.79 square meters, with 6 floors above ground and 1 floor underground, among which floor 1 is public area and floors 2-6 are office space with refined decoration. For international innovative and entrepreneurial talents who are willing to develop in China, we will help them settle down in Haidian District. We are working to be the first station for outstanding international young talents to come to China for innovation and development. Relying on supporting services such as entry & exit, work permit, business application and policy consultation, we provide professional, convenient and accurate services for global talents.

Address: No. 2 Jingshuyuan Road, Haidian District, Beijing, China (close to 768 Creative Industrial Park)

Website: http://www.innohall.cn/spaces/spaceId-130

Telephone: 62563080

4. AI Hub

Located at No. 150 Chengfu Road, AI Hub is the artificial intelligence industrial themed space built by Z-innoway under the guidance of Zhongguancun Science City Management Committee. The building is adjacent to Peking University in the West and Tsinghua University in the north and surrounded by a large number of scientific research institutes. It is 1,200 meters away from West Gate of Peking University Station of Metro Line 4 and 662 meters away from Wudaokou Station of Metro Line 13. The settled enterprises include leading resources and enterprises in the field of artificial intelligence such as Beijing Academy of Artificial Intelligence (BAAI), MiraclePlus, Sequoia (China) Digital Intelligence Industry Incubation Center, and PineField Technology.

Address: No.150, Chengfu Road, Haidian District, Beijing (close to Tsinghua Science Park)

Website: http://www.innohall.cn/spaces/spaceId-129

Telephone: 62563080

5.Plug and Play (China)

Headquartered in Silicon Valley, Plug and Play is committed to creating ecological platforms for international science and technology and innovation. Plug and Play has been devoting itself to the establishment of three-dimensional and open innovation ecosystems regarding technology investment, entrepreneurship acceleration and innovation services for large enterprises. Since 1998, PNP has facilitated and invested in more than 6,000 start-ups, among which are PayPal, Google, LendingClub, Dropbox, Logitech and other star enterprises with market value of over 10 billion dollars.

Address: Block G, Intelligent Make Way, Zhongguancun, No. 45 Chengfu Road, Haidian District, Beijing

Website: http://www.pnpchina.com/

Contact Info: bp@pnpchina.com

6. Zhongguancun No.1

Zhongguancun No. 1 is a key project in Beijing and a landmark park in the north district of Zhongguancun Science City. With a total construction area of about 500,000 square meters and 20 buildings within the area, Zhongguancun No.1 has integrated corporate office, high-end business, dynamic business, science and technology and art. With “key & core technology” as the direction of leading industry, Zhongguancun No.1 focuses on artificial intelligence, commercial aerospace, and financial technology.

The Park mainly focuses on the leading enterprises of key & core technology (Artificial Intelligence), invisible champion enterprises, unicorn enterprises and seed enterprises, with the purpose of “bringing together the most innovative enterprises in China”. Centering on the needs of enterprises in the park and enterprise life cycle, the park provides five basic services. At the same time, it has built an industrial ecosystem of key & core technologies, established NEW No.1 Industrial Alliance of Key & Core Technologies, set up technical exchange platform and market service platform, improved industrial investment platform and upgraded enterprise brand promotion platform. Besides, it has specially assigned personnel to take charge of specific matters. Through these measures, the park is enabling enterprises to grow in all aspects.

Address: 150 meters south of the intersection of Fengxiu East Road and Yongjia North Road, Haidian District, Beijing.

Website: http://www.zgcyh.net/

Telephone: 62461111

7. Kr Space

Kr Space is a corporate service platform with co-working as the carrier and community as the bond. The initiate of Kr Space is to solve the difficult problems that small and micro teams will face in working, and its mission is to “make working more enjoyable”. Through building online and offline communities in the light of space products and providing co-working space, the company launches more services centering on office ecology guided by users' needs to realize the vision of “enabling 100 million people to enjoy a happy office life”.

Address: Floor 3, Building 2, Innoway, Zhongguancun, Haidian District

Website: https://www.krspace.cn/?lang=zh&cityId=1

Telephone: 400-807-3636

8. Tsinghua SEM X-elerator

It is a value-empowering ecology, which inherits the spirit of Tsinghua University and takes serving entrepreneurs as the core. Adhering to the idea of “serving entrepreneurs” and aiming at “gathering the world's entrepreneurship talents and educating young business leaders”, it commits to creating a service system of the “space+education+investment” pattern with a global perspective.

Address: Floor 3, No.36 Haohai Building, Haidian West Street, Haidian District

Website: http://www.x-elerator.com

Telephone: 62612545, 62524849

9. Entrepreneurial Training Camp of Peking University

Fully based on the educational and alumni resources of Peking University, a comprehensive platform that supports innovation and entrepreneurship as well as integrating “entrepreneurship education, entrepreneurship research, entrepreneurship incubation and venture capital fund” is constructed, which is the core part of “Peking University innovation and entrepreneurship supporting plan”. The platform features an enterprise mentor program and an entrepreneurship service alliance. Committed to “cultivating innovative thinking, highlighting entrepreneurship and helping entrepreneurship practice”, it serves the national “innovation and entrepreneurship” strategy and international youth innovation and entrepreneurship with practical actions, as well as providing entrepreneurs with comprehensive supports and software and hardware environment. Up to now, it has become the largest open education and support platform for public entrepreneurship in China, which is known as “an entrepreneurship university without walls”.

Address: Floor 7, Haohai Building, Innoway, Zhongguancun, Haidian District

Website: http://www.pkucy.org

Telephone: 62755539

10. Beijing Beida Yanyuan Technology Incubator Co. Ltd

Affiliated to Peking University Science Park, it is a business incubator base jointly built by Peking University and the management committee of Zhongguancun Science Park. It is a state-level science and technology business incubator and a demonstration base for industry-university-research cooperation recognized by the Ministry of Science and Technology. It is the incubator base of high-tech enterprises in Beijing identified by Beijing Municipal Science and Technology Commission. It is also the innovation park for overseas students in Beijing authorized by Beijing Municipal Bureau of Personnel. Adhering to the idea of “developing original technology and building parks of high quality”, the company provides whole-process innovation and entrepreneurship incubation services for enterprises or projects which processes the original and independent intellectual property.

Address: Floor 1, No. 127-1 Zhongguancun North Street, Haidian District, Beijing

Website: http://www.pkusp.com.cn

Telephone: 010-62769088