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Haidian District is committed to providing perfect fundamental landing service for overseas start-ups. Newcomers can apply for “entrepreneurial visa” for foreign-funded companies registration, enter incubators, or get access to corresponding resources according to specific requirements.

1. Registration of foreign-funded companies

Haidian is one of the first pilot areas for the reform of notification-commitment system of market subject registration. With strict formal examination on applications of market subject registration of all kinds, it has realized the “de-standardization” handling mode of accepting the same matter without distinction. Under this mode, you will only need to spend about 5 minutes to complete registration review, 30 minutes or so to complete changes review and 5 minutes to complete cancellation review.

If you are a foreigner with permanent residence identity card (foreigner permanent residence permit), you can enjoy national treatment when you establish scientific and technological enterprises in Haidian District, because in pilot zone, you can use this identity card as identification proof. According to the Foreign Investment Law of the People's Republic of China and relevant laws and regulations, an enterprise may 3 be registered as a partnership company, a limited liability company or a joint stock limited company.

“E-window” platform provides one-stop services for enterprises to register online, which is convenient in document filling and submission.

On January 17, 2019, the new E-Window Platform for enterprises in Beijing was put into operation, which will further improve the efficiency of business start-up. This platform allows you to start business in “one step at one window”. In other words, materials for business registration are accepted and processed at one service window in an integrated mode. It provides one-stop services for enterprises to register online and complete all procedures at one time without the need to make an appointment.

You just need to login the website of “E-Window Platform” for city-level business registration service platform (https://ect.scjgj.beijing.gov.cn/index). As steps such as apply for business license (including official seal free of charge), invoice application and registration, and labor force information acquisition have been integrated into one step, you can complete information filling online. It is very convenient for you to start your business upon getting the licenses. Newly established enterprises can obtain a set of seals free of charge, including official seal, financial seal, contract seal and special seal for invoice.

Areas outside the negative list shall be registered in accordance with the principle of consistency of treatment between domestic and foreign investment.

After the Foreign Investment Law of the People's Republic of China went into effect on January 1, 2020, a pre-establishment national treatment plus negative list management system regarding market access was implemented in the country. The negative list is issued or approved by the State Council. Foreign investment that is not included in the negative list will enjoy national treatment. Foreign-invested enterprise that is not involved in the negative list will be registered in accordance with the principle of consistency between domestic and foreign investment by enterprise registration authority.

Enterprise registration procedure: login “E-Window Platform” of Beijing for business services (https://ect.scjgj.beijing.gov.cn/index), and select service options on the page of “Login for Business Handling.

(1)Registration Administration of Permanent Resident Representative Offices of Foreign Enterprises

A permanent resident representative office of a foreign enterprise refers to an office established in China by a foreign enterprise in accordance with relevant regulations to engage in non-profit activities related to the business of the foreign enterprise. The representative office has no corporate capacity.

① Procedures for establishing a permanent resident representative office

When applying for the registration of a permanent resident representative office of a foreign (regional) enterprise, the chief representative, the representative, the employee of the office or the authorized registration agency shall submit the application materials to the registration authority. If the documents and certificates submitted are in a foreign language, translation versions in Chinese shall be attached.

The resident term of the representative office shall not exceed the term of existence of the foreign enterprise.

The number of representatives (including chief representative) of a representative office shall not exceed 4, except those approved by the examining and approving authority.

Notarial certification of part of the documents for applying for establishment of a representative office (generally including a certificate of legal operation of the foreign enterprise existing for over two years issued by a foreign enterprise registration authority, the credit certificate issued by the financial institution that has business relations with the foreign enterprise, articles of association or organizational agreement of the foreign enterprise, authorization or supporting documents of the foreign enterprise to the authorized signatory, letter of authorization and identification of chief representative and representative signed by authorized signatories of the foreign enterprise) is required. The applicant shall go to the relevant authority for registration within six months from the date of issuance of relevant notarial certification documents.

Relevant documents notarization certification requirements: general foreign (region) enterprises need to be notarized by an notary office in the country (region) and certified by the embassy or consulate of the People's Republic of China in the country (or the region) ; The subject qualification certificate of an enterprise in Hong Kong or Macao shall be notarized by the local notary office and transferred by China Legal Service (Hong Kong) Limited Company or China Legal Service (Macao) Limited Company with a special seal for transfer. The subject qualification certificate of an enterprise in Taiwan shall be notarized by a local notary office.

The resident representative office registration certificate of a foreign (regional) enterprise shall be applied to the market supervision administration of the district where the representative office is located.

(2)Annual reporting system of permanent resident representative offices of foreign enterprises

Representative offices shall submit its annual report to the registration authority between March 1 and June 30 each year. The contents of the annual report include legal existence of a foreign enterprise, the business activities of its representative office and its income and expenditure audited by an accounting firm. The procedures of annual reporting shall be handled by market supervision administration in the district where the representative office is located. If you have a Beijing Digital Certificate (CA), you can complete all the annual reporting procedures online. For details about application and updating, please visit: www.bjca.org.cn.

2. Tax registration

(1) Tax information confirmation

The newly established foreign-invested enterprises will obtain the business license with the unified social credit code of legal person and other organizations, which is issued by the market supervision and administration department, and will no longer obtain tax registration certificate. When dealing with tax-related matters, enterprises can use the business license with uniform code instead of tax registration certificate.

Taxpayers are responsible for the authenticity and legality of the submitted materials. After going through “one license, one code” information collection, taxpayers should file tax returns of relevant tax categories in accordance with the tax laws and administrative regulations or the declaration period and declaration contents determined by tax authorities. Taxpayers can apply for rapid tax payment and realize effective account checking and whole-process monitoring after signing authorization (entrustment) transfer agreement with tax authorities and opening transfer payment business in the entrusted bank; taxpayers who need to apply for invoices may, according to the procedures related to invoice application, deal with such matters as the verification of invoice types and issuance of VAT tax control equipment; taxpayers who need to use special VAT invoices shall apply to the tax authorities for qualification registration of general taxpayers and for approval of the maximum VAT invoice limit and other matters.

If intermediary agency or other personnel confirms the registration information on its behalf, it shall also provide the power of attorney (original) of the legal representative (person in charge) and the copy of the ID card of the agent.

(2)Tax handling process for newly established enterprises

Website: Beijing Electronic Tax Service


① Fill in Documents

i. Business project survey form (required)

ii. Basic information confirmation (required)

iii. Deposit account report (optional)

iv. Financial accounting system and accounting software filing report (optional)

v. VAT general taxpayer registration (optional)

vi. Invoice application form (optional)

② Offline processing locations

A real-name tax handling personnel (if it is necessary to apply for invoice, applicant for the invoice is also required) should present original ID card and official seal:

i. The business of newly established enterprises starting from registration application shall be handled in one window of the government affairs hall, and will be completed in a minute;

ii. After the registration, the business of the newly established enterprise applying for invoice for the first time can be handled in the government affairs hall and the tax administration and tax service hall in one window, and it can be completed in a minute.

③ Electronic business license applet download process

The legal person can use “Alipay” or “WeChat applet” to download the electronic business license. If you are the legal person, you can directly enter the electronic tax service bureau. Or you should first click “XXX” to authorize the person on your behalf, so that the authorized person can download the electronic business license in the electronic tax service.

Legal person authorization:

i. Add license administrator. Click license administrator management, input license administrator information and set corresponding permissions. If you want to add a new license administrator, you need to delete the original license one.

ii. Add authorization information. The legal representative or the license administrator inputs the authorized information and select the authorized clerk (it needs to be added if it is not in the list or the enterprise has no clerk).

④ Installation of WeChat applet of electronic business license

i. Open WeChat, find “Discover” on WeChat homepage, and then click the applet on the bottom.

ii. Enter “electronic business license” in the search column of the “applet”.

iii. Click “Industrial and Commercial Electronic Business License” to install the WeChat applet of electronic business license.

⑤ Installation of Alipay applet of electronic business license

i. Open Alipay, find “Friend” on homepage, click the uppermost dot and open “applet”.

ii. Click the uppermost dot and open the applet.

iii. Enter “electronic business license” in the search column of the applet, and query “electronic business license management”.

iv. Click “electronic business license management”, then you can install a Alipay applet of electronic business license.

⑥ Procedures for downloading Alipay applet of electronic business license

i. Use face recognition. If you fail to pass the face recognition, then you have to download the electronic business license at the service counter at the local market supervision and administration department.

ii. Select the place of registration and select the company name.

iii. Enter the legal person's name, ID number and fill in mobile phone number.

iv. Verify your real name according to the prompts, and then enter the default PIN 123456 to download the license.

For technical support about electronic business license, please dial 4006997000.

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